Skin & Tonic is very excited to bring to you a New range of Australian Made products

Where you will find ingredients straight from  natures treasure chest  We believe that radiant skin can only come from healthy skin, and we are  committed to delivering to all our clients the best products and treatments in pursuit of this objective. Healthy skin is all about vitality, and reflective of a graceful aging process. Healthy skin captures the essence of U spa. The logo itself is a symbol evolved as a representation of the U spa philosophy of taking care of the individual. The two shapes of the U together create a nurturing mother-child symbol … the right side being Mother Earth, the source for our ingredients. The left side forms the child, representing the individual. We choose to use ingredients from the earth to care for the individual.

Wherever possible our ingredients are organically grown and produced in Australia.By using plants and herbs in our daily life through skin care, aromatherapy, body treatments even freshly cut flowers, we can experience their remarkable chemistry.


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