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January 14, 2021

30 Days to Glow With The Beauty Chef


4 weeks of nourishment, movement, meditation and community January 18th - February 16th


Gut health is essential for beauty and wellbeing, and supporting your microbiome is key to cultivating a natural glow that no amount of cosmetics can replicate.

By taking GLOW Inner Beauty Essential every day and following along with the 30 Days to Glow calendar and guidebook, you'll help bring your gut into balance and unlock radiant skin.

HEALTHY NOT PERFECT A new year calls for a fresh outlook on resolutions: one that takes a more holistic approach to beauty, prioritises kindness to oneself and others and embraces imperfection.

Throughout the month, we’ll support you with education, tools and inspiration to help you to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

MOVE Every day, with tips, tricks and exclusive content from Kirsten King, founder of Fluidform Pilates.

MEDITATE And practise mindfulness techniques with guidance from Jacqui Lewis, founder of The Broad Place.

NOURISH Your body by taking GLOW every day and with recipes from Carla and Sian Redgrave.

REFLECT On how you’re feeling and set sustainable goals with help from Beck Wadworth of An Organised Life.

How To Take Part

1. Sign up to access your guidebook filled with recipes, nutrition guidance, mindfulness exercises, movement tips, shopping lists and more.

2. Stock up on GLOW and receive a 30 Days to Glow calendar to help set your intentions and track your progress.

3. Take one teaspoon of GLOW every day from January 18 - February 16 and follow us @thebeautychef for recipes, wellness tips and takeovers from our partners.

4. Connect with The Beauty Chef community and share your experience in our private Facebook group.