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November 26, 2019

All about our natural and organic skincare products


Have you ever wondered why Skin and Tonic Armidale pride themselves on only stocking skincare products that are organic? Well keep reading to understand why we love the skincare we stock.

We stock three natural and organic certified skincare products, USPA, Organic Nations and Intraceuticals. Each of these ranges have different and key benefits all using organic ingredients.

USPA have been around in the skin and spa industry for more than 20 years, priding themselves on utilising nature through science to ensure their products are pure and clean. Not only do USPA have a range of natural cleansers, exfoliants, serums and moisturisers for all skin types, they have also developed body and hair products to ensure your entire body can have a 'sensory journey'.

Intraceuticals is a skincare range that uses organic ingredients that also deliver anti-aging ingredients to the skin plumping and lifting while restoring the hyaluronic acid that our skin slowly stops developing as we age. Intraceuticals have developed different products to suit individual needs and skin concerns while still restoring and firming our skin. The concerns that Intraceuticals have developed products to go with are; dehydration, pigmentation, congested/acne prone, and anti-aging. Intraceuticals have a 3 step hyaluronic layering system in which they ensure it will 1. Revive, 2. Replenish and 3. Protect the skin ensuring quicker and longer lasting results.

Whilst every range and product is different they do have two things in common, priding themselves in using organic products and making sure each and everyone of the ingredients used have a benefit for the skin. Not only is choosing a organic skin care good for you but also for the environment.

During our facials we discuss your concerns and customise the facial using products that will deliver the best results.