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November 11, 2020

Brighten your skin, and your day, with a facial


It’s almost always the first thing my clients talk about when they set foot in the salon these days – social distancing measures.

People the world over are missing family and friends, experiencing a huge loss of connection, a lack of touch. And with that, I’ve noticed an increased need for self-care, a longing for that touchy-feely part of life and to just enjoy somebody doing something for someone else. To me, that’s the missing link in today’s world, pandemic or no pandemic.

That’s why I love taking the time to tailor our facials to each individual client. Whether you want to treat a specific skin concern, or you’re really just seeking some time to chill out, I adapt the treatment and products I use to suit your particular needs.

As a part of that tailored treatment I use all-organic products, with ranges from Vanessa Megan and Black Chicken being my go-to brands for our facial cleanser, exfoliator and toner.

The textures and aromatherapy of these ranges are especially amazing, which is so important since a facial awakens all our senses – touch, sight and smell.

You’d be amazed at the link between what we put on our skin and our gut health – in fact, our body absorbs 60% of everything we use on our skin. That’s why I work hard to educate myself, and my clients, on these gorgeous organic options and use them to generate a healthy relationship not just with our body, but our minds too.

When we get that facial treatment just right, it not only brightens our skin, but our day too. Something, I think, we could all use a little more of right now.

If you’d like to order products from Vanessa Megan or Black Chicken, please feel free to give me a call on (02) 6771 3100 or check out their product range. Alternatively, book a treatment so we can determine the best products for you and your skin. As for my personal favourite product? The Holy Trinity Kit from Vanessa Megan is incredible.