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February 27, 2020

Do you really know what is in your skin care?


We are so excited to now be a part of the release of Inika's NEW 100% natural skincare - Inika Organic.

As most of our clients know Skin and Tonic pride ourselves in our natural and organic choices of products, hence why we have stocked the worlds healthiest makeup brand for 7 years, Inika Organic.

The new skincare, first release, is suited to skin types of dry, mature, and normal skin, with all ingredients having a specific benefit for the skin with the key ingredients being 5% active including maca-root, Phytofuse renew and resveratrol.

Inika Organic are changing the skincare world with all packaging being sugar cane derived, bio-degradable and fully recycled/recyclable. Not only is the product and packaging amazing for its natural ingredients and recyclability, the packaging also has benefits for applying and using the skincare to make it easier and more beneficial for everyone. The amazing cleanser has a silicone applicator allowing a deeper cleanse. The ultra-soft eye cream that comes with a ceramic applicator that instantly smooths the eye area upon application.

You wont believe how amazing this skin care is until you feel it yourself.