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September 17, 2020

Tumeric and skin care - do you want real results?


The beauty industry is driven by hype, and there's always a new trend to stay on top of... slow beauty, blue beauty, conscious capitalism, microbiome (or 'internals') and a hundred others.

There are new, revolutionary ingredients that will make you look 10 years younger... and scientific studies that prove one or another ingredient will make you look like a nymph, feel like a god, and live longer.

And then there are ingredients that just work.

I've dedicated the past 15 years to discovering the most effective ingredients nature has to offer, because our mission is to make 100% natural skincare that doesn't cost a fortune, and gets real results.

The Most Effective, Natural Ingredient I've Found

When you're formulating beauty products, you are always looking for something that is new, exciting and dynamic... but the one ingredient I've always come back to because it just works is... drumroll... Turmeric.

Why Turmeric?

Here's four reasons, for you:

1. Turmeric has Anti-Inflammatory Properties - Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, turmeric can work wonders on condition-riddled skin. It can also help reduce redness from blemishes and calm skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

2. Turmeric fights off acne - Turmeric is excellent for acne because it is a natural antiseptic and helps to keep bacteria from spreading. It’s especially effective when combined with apple cider vinegar which has astringent properties, meaning it plays the same role as your average toner.

3. Turmeric reduces dark circles - Since turmeric is a proven anti-inflammatory and lightening agent, it’s perfect for alleviating dark circles. It also stimulates circulation, which can help reduce puffiness and under-eye darkness caused by poor circulation.

4. Turmeric protects against sun damage & ageing - Research presented at the American Academy of Dermatology shows that a moisturizing cream containing turmeric had the ability to improve the appearance of fine lines and brown spots caused by sun damage.

Kaolin Clay, Turmeric & Coconut Face Mask

This mask helps to gently cleanse and tone your skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight. The Turmeric helps to soothe redness and is ideal for sensitive skin types. The Vitamin C in Coconut milk helps maintain skin’s elasticity and flexibility and is a natural exfoliant.

Bundle it with Lavender Essential Oil to create a double punch to treat skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation and inflammation.

Organic Turmeric & Coconut Australian Clay Face Mask [SOOTHE]

The Soothe Me Pack

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, this Turmeric and Coconut face mask will help even out your skin tone and reduce puffiness in as little as 10 minutes!

To find out more about the benefits of tumeric and how it can help you, speak to the Skin and Tonic team today.